Lisa Ann talks preferred pro athletes, giving sports advice to customers on Carton and Roberts


Retired porn star Lisa Ann has a long history of being with professional athletes, and she gave Craig and Evan her power rankings on which sport she preferred most when looking for her next partner.

She also didn’t discount Craig’s question of whether her pro athlete partners eclipsed 100.

“I really haven’t done the math, but let’s just say OK,” Ann laughed during the latest WAG Wednesday on Carton and Roberts.

“I would say probably NBA first, NFL second, MLB third.”

Ann doesn’t just have a ranking for sports. The athletes from that sport have to satisfy a certain criteria to be worth her time. Simply put: perform on the field, and they will have a chance to perform off of it, with her company.

“Some of the stats do matter,” Ann said. “Stats do matter…if there was something going on with somebody and they started to slack, I would give them such a hard time. I would be like ‘How would you feel if I was the 20th ranked porn star?’”

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So, why the fixation on professional athletes? Well, for Ann, they are the closest thing to the performers she was used to working with in front of a camera, which sets the bar pretty high.

“This is a great topic, because random dudes think all day because I did scenes that they have a chance to hook up with me,” Ann said. “Really, doing scenes ruins you sexually for the average man because he’s never gonna be able to do the things the way the guy did in the scenes, and that’s where athletes come into play. They’re fit, they’re young, they have endurance. They can do all the things a male performer can do in a scene. So there’s an allure.”

Ann, who has had her own fantasy sports show on Sirius XM, recalls previously offering sports advice to the average Joes that she doesn’t give the time of day when it comes to unpaid encounters.

“Customers would come into the club and have these conversations,” Ann said. “I’m naked, they’re not. We would just break down games and sports….guys would come in on Saturday nights and ask me to set their fantasy football lineups.”

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