Sandy Alderson on Lindor extension: conversations will be 'evolutionary, not revolutionary'


Hours after GM Jared Porter joined Moose & Maggie on Friday afternoon, Mets team president Sandy Alderson made another appearance on Carton & Roberts – and basically reiterated the timeline Porter laid out for how the Francisco Lindor/Carlos Carrasco trade went down.

“We have a great relationship with Chris Antonetti in Cleveland. They asked about players we might consider moving or and we asked about players they might consider moving, and (Carrasco and Lindor) both came up in separate threads,” Alderson said. “We asked them if they would consider trading both, and while this came to a head earlier this week, this all happened over the period of about a month and a half – so it just goes to show you how long these things take, and how many permutations can happen over time.”

Porter said earlier that there hadn’t yet been in contact with Lindor about an extension, but that the team was comfortable if it didn’t happen and the shortstop ended up a one-year Met – both of which Alderson echoed in a way.

“I haven’t even contemplated that timeline. We made the trade, we have him for a year, and he’ll get a chance to experience New York and the Mets will get to know him,” Alderson said on the former. “Sometime between now and the end of the year, we’ll have conversations. From a time perspective, this will be evolutionary, not revolutionary; he hasn’t stepped foot in New York yet as a Met, and we haven’t seen him on the field. We’ll get to know each other, and those conversations will naturally follow.”

He has, in fact, only had one conversation with Lindor, which was subdued yet respectful.

“He was excited, but at the same time, I think he wanted to be respectful of the fans in Cleveland and the people in the organization,” Alderson said. “I didn’t expect him to be exuberant, but I think he’s excited to come to New York. He recognizes there’s a new chapter, and some exciting things happening here, so he was happy.”

And as for the one-year possibility?

“We actually felt that we gave Cleveland pretty good compensation for those two. We said a couple months ago that we want to build through the farm, so there’s a general reluctance on our part to give up any prospects – but to deal for a player like Lindor, you have to make accommodations,” Alderson said. “We made it clear we weren’t going to trade our top guys, but acquiesced and put together the package we did.”

A package, Alderson said, was one the brass was divided on, but he felt good about it.

“Some people in the organization thought we gave up too much but others were anxious to get him,” Alderson said, “but what gave me some comfort is that at least one other team was involved to my knowledge, and they were having trouble distinguishing between the two. I don’t think we overpaid, and if you underpay, you often don’t get the deal done, so that made me feel we were there.”

Listen to Alderson's entire segment with Carton & Roberts below!

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