Steve Cohen teases return of Mets' black alternates in wake of Lindor trade


Steve Cohen wants his Mets back in black.

The newly minted team owner took a break from the chatter over his team's blockbuster acquisition of All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor on Thursday -- to tease a potential throwback uniform look for the Amazin's.

Cohen, who has broached the topic multiple times since taking over, appears to be a fan of the black jerseys the team wore beginning in the late 90s and into the first decade of the 21st century.

"I know this trade seems to [be] creating excitement but let's get back to what matters - the black jerseys," Cohen quipped on Twitter.

The black threads have long been polarizing among Mets fans.

Traditionalists seem to prefer versions of the team's original jerseys and color schemes, while younger fans seem to gravitate toward alternates.

For Mets fans of a certain age -- say around 40 or younger -- they have fond memories of the Piazza-era Mets rocking the black duds at the close of the heady 90s.

The team last sported the black tops in 2011, opting instead in recent years for a more classic look of home whites with blue pinstripes, traditional road grays, and blue caps for both uniforms. They've also worn alternate solid-blue tops on occasion.

Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman and former star shortstop Jose Reyes expressed approval at the idea.

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