BT wants to know: Why aren't Mets fans packing Citi Field during pennant race?


The Mets are in the throes of an intense pennant race with the defending champion Braves, but BT wants to know where all the fans are.

New York is now in a tie with Atlanta for first in the NL East with just seven games to play, but BT wasn’t seeing the buzz around Citi Field on Tuesday, a night where the Mets eventually lost to the lowly Marlins.

So, he wants to know, where are all the fans?

“I’m not trying to troll, it is a legitimate question,” BT said. “I know what the paid attendance showed…if there were 17,000 fans in the house, I would be surprised. Can somebody explain to me - and I will take a few reasons off the table for you: the weather, kids back in school, the team isn’t competitive - I want to know why fans aren’t flooding what’s a great stadium to support what is a great team?”

Tiki had some potential comparisons as to why the Yankees have filled the ballpark, but the Mets have had many more open seats.

“If you’re a Yankee fan…you’re going to the ballpark to see Aaron Judge,” Tiki said. “With the Yankee fan, once September and October comes, you’re conditioned to still be engaged with what’s happening, whereas a Met fan, you’re conditioned to say, ‘OK, I’m gonna go follow the Giants or Jets now.’ It’s just the reality of the last couple of years.”

BT wasn’t buying that.

“I don’t know if it’s a lack of connection to the players…basically what you’re saying is Mets fans are bigger football fans than Yankee fans?” BT said. “Don’t you think you would go more aggressively toward it when you’re presented with it so infrequently?”

Simply put, BT said, “The Mets deserve better than this.”

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