Sal says Mets have to dump Daniel Vogelbach: 'Waste of a DH spot'


Daniel Vogelbach went 0-for-3 with a strikeout on Wednesday night, and is now batting just .167 with one home run in his last 17 games.

Sal has said it before, and he’ll say it again. The Mets need to dump the DH who doesn’t hit.

“He does nothing,” Sal said. “The Mets need to move on from him. He’s taking up a roster spot.

“Enough. It’s the same thing with him every freaking time. He walks up to the plate, doesn’t swing the bat, and he either strikes out looking or walks. And if he walks, it means nothing anyway.”

The Mets, who need an offensive boost, simply can’t regularly pencil in a DH who isn’t hitting and offering nothing else in terms of flexibility for the roster, which is what Sal says Vogelbach is doing right now.

“Can’t play the field, can’t run, can’t hit for power, doesn’t swing the bat, all he does is walk on occasion,” Sal said. “It’s a waste of a DH spot. the Mets aren’t good enough offensively elsewhere to waste a spot. It drives me nuts.”

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