How does Evan Roberts feel about Kyrie's departure and the Nets' immediate future?


Craig Carton is NEVER one to gloat, but as he and Evan Roberts opened up their show on Monday, following a nice, quiet weekend away in Florida for Evan, Craig just had to crow about the fact that the Nets’ personnel decisions finally imploded, and Kyrie Irving was gone to Dallas.

“You had a run, you had an open window and three of the Top 10 players in the NBA at one point, then you had two of the Top 7 or so, you went on an 18-2 run earlier this year, you had legitimate dreams that maybe we’re good enough,” Craig said, “and really, I feel…NO I DON’T!”

Craig then pointed out how Evan as wearing his custom “I’m A Loser” sweatshirt that only the two of them and two others have, which was kind of fitting for how Roberts was feeling about Kyrie’s exit.

“You know that every day I’ve walked into this studio since last June 30, there was a numbness to me,” Evan said. “I enjoyed winning games, but I also knew that one day, it would end in just fire, brimstone, and a Hellscape!”

When Craig said “now it’s going to get worse because you have to figure out Kevin Durant is next to go,” well, the pity party continued.

“When I was in Florida, did I think the Hellfire and brimstone was going to occur then? No, I did not, so yes, it came out of nowhere,” Evan said. “Yes, it’s over, and now we focus on what does KD want, but deep down, all 502 of us Nets fans, we knew it was going to end like this.”

And, he says, it had to end once Kyrie made the trade demand.

“Once Kyrie Irving, in the midst of the Nets actually looking like a competent team, actually said, ‘trade me, I need my full max’ – as if we’re doing a contract negotiation in February – I knew what we all knew, which is, it’s over,” Evan said. “Many things over the last three years have made you think maybe it’s over, but I knew Friday afternoon that this was it, it’s over.”

Spencer Dinwiddie is Evan’s guy, and he’s happy he’s coming back to Brooklyn…well, for now, because now the focus shifts to KD, and Evan believes the longer it takes for the deal to become “official,” the better the chance Dinwiddie may be part of another package to placate Durant going elsewhere.

“The fact the trade call hasn’t occurred means that Dinwiddie may not stay in Brooklyn long,” Evan said. “The Nets are not done. It could be Kevin Durant, it could be trying to improve this roster around KD, but the longer we go without the trade call, the more likely it is that Dinwiddie is being used to funnel something else.”

The reason, he noted, could be that once that trade call is done, Dinwiddie can’t be traded again before the deadline, so if he is part of something bigger, that call won’t come until the bigger deal evolves.

“It’s not changing Kyrie’s destination, but what interests me is that the Nets are going to make another trade, I just don’t know what it is,” Evan said. “Are they going to try to add around Durant now that they have a 2029 unprotected pick? I think that’s the plan, but if they get notification from Durant that he wants out of town, it’s certainly possible that KD is traded before Thursday at 3 p.m.”

Craig thinks all things are on the table, and that it would be weird for KD to ask about a trade again after this summer – but given that KD has been radio silent in public and on social media, it seems like maybe he’s waiting for something to happen.

And then Craigy threw the dagger in the hearts of all 502 of those Nets fans.

“Can’t we enjoy for the moment that in the moment, right now, the Nets are dead, and the great exercise that was – can three amazing players come to Brooklyn and win a championship – is dead? We’re now at the place where it’s almost full-circle wondering can one great player with a collection of good players do it…and I think the answer is no!”

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