Carton & Roberts challenge: Can Craig name three Rangers players?


Craig Carton came into the studio sporting a Rangers sweatshirt on Thursday, which sparked a challenge from his colleagues.

Name three players on the Rangers.

Could Craig pull it off? He admittedly hasn’t been consistently tuned into hockey this season.

“Have I watched a full minute of hockey? I am aware that the Bruins are gonna have the greatest regular season in NHL history,” Craig said. “I respect hockey, I just don’t watch a lot of it. I love going to games.”

As for whether Craig could name three players currently on the Blueshirts, how dare anyone ask him that question?

“That’s such an insulting question,” Craig said. “Some guy that talks sports about New York City for almost 15 years and has been No. 1 in both mornings and afternoons, which has only been done in the history of this city by one other gentleman, and he’s the greatest of all time.

“Of course, you have the great Chris Kreider…then you have the guy who has that weird name, Kaapo Kakko…I couldn’t tell you what position he plays, but I know Rangers fans are upset with him.”

Then, with just one name to go, things started to come off the rails.
He couldn’t capitalize on some friendly hints from Evan, who was trying to lead Craig to Adam Fox, but once Evan tried leading Craig towards star goaltender Igor Shesterkin, the group decided that Craig was close enough.

“Oh, I do know the goalie,” Craig said. “I know the goalie is really good. He should have played years earlier, but the fans had a thing for Lundqvist. Sherstin? Sheverskin?”

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