Gio to Rangers fans: If Sidney Crosby doesn't return, 'Buy your tickets for round two'


It wasn’t hard to notice the difference on the ice once Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby went to the locker room during game five at The Garden.

After Jacob Trouba’s hit resulted in Crosby going to the locker room, the Rangers rattled off three goals in less than three minutes to turn a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead.

Crosby didn’t return in game five, and Gio says if he doesn’t return the rest of the series, a Rangers comeback is a certainty.

“If we get news today or tomorrow about Sidney Crosby is out, buy your tickets for round two if you’re a Ranger fan,” Gio said during Thursday’s show. “Buy them. You’ve won.”

The Penguins have actually had success without Crosby in the regular season, but of course, the playoffs are a different animal, and Crosby is a star that would leave a massive void for Pittsburgh. For now, Crosby is listed with an upper-body injury, and his status is uncertain. But Gio saw enough in game five to believe that if Crosby doesn’t return, the Rangers are moving on.

“I think the Rangers needed something to happen where they believed they could come back and win the game, and then also win the series, and it happened when Crosby went out,” Gio said.

“You can’t look at this game at not see that correlation.”

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