Dallas Braden rips Alex Rodriguez as decade-long feud continues


Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez’s beef now stretches past a full decade, and it is apparently still going strong.

Braden joined Moose & Maggie on Friday to discuss the upcoming baseball season, and when asked about Rodriguez, the former pitcher didn’t hold back on his thoughts of the former Yankee superstar.

“Let me make it abundantly clear,” Braden said. “I have more desire to wrestle with a porcupine, maybe wrestle with a herd of pissed off porcupines, than I do to ever sit down and share two minutes of the same oxygen with that individual.”

Braden and Rodriguez first shared the stage together in Oakland in 2010, when Rodriguez took off from first base to third on what eventually resulted in a foul ball.
Rodriguez took the shortest path back from third to first, crossing over the pitcher’s mound that Braden was just occupying. After the inning ended on a double play, Braden barked at Rodriguez before throwing a tirade in the A’s dugout, and the disdain doesn’t appear to have subsided.

“These are the people that you bleed and sweat with day in and day out,” Braden said. “These are the people you sacrifice with. The minute you vault yourself above each one of those individuals regardless of what the back of their baseball card looks like, I don’t know that you and I are going to be breaking bread. That’s how I go about things. If you spend one day in the big leagues, you’re a big-leaguer the rest of your life. I’m definitely not the guy to tell you that you’re not.
And it just felt like he’s an individual who at times kind of did that, and that just doesn’t rub me the right way.”

Despite Braden’s clear lack of desire to share any time with Rodriguez, he said he takes no issue in seeing Rodriguez back at the forefront of baseball, only now in the broadcast booth for ESPN.

“I don’t know whose opinion that would be, but it doesn’t bother me at all,” Braden said. “I know just as much about the game as he does, and I’m confident when I watch the game that I see things that maybe he doesn’t, and he sees things that I don’t. If I have the option, I’d love to watch myself call the games before I watch him.”

Listen to Braden’s full interview with Moose & Maggie below!

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