Jose Canseco blasts 'morally damaged' Yankees fans for booing Aaron Judge


If Aaron Judge ends up leaving the Bronx, Jose Canseco thinks the fans will have a lot to do with it.

Canseco recently joined Matt Nahigian on our sister station 95.7 The Game in San Francisco for a short chat about Judge, and the former A’s slugger shared some very candid thoughts about Yankees fans and their boos for Judge during his playoff struggles, saying they could shoo him out of town.

“One hundred percent,” Canseco said. “That may be one of the biggest reasons why. Think about it this way, people. This man almost won the triple crown. Not only that, but he set a new American League home run record, clean. That means no use of steroids or any enhancements. And his home crowd is booing him."

After Judge belted an AL-record 62 dingers in the regular season, he slashed just .139/.184/.306 with two homers, three RBIs and 15 strikeouts in 38 postseason plate appearances. Yankees fans grew restless with boos in the Bronx and Canseco thinks Judge should go elsewhere.

“Let’s assume Aaron Judge makes a huge mistake, or his agent, (Scott) Boras makes a huge mistake of letting him sign with the Yankees," Canseco said. "Well, now he’s making $35-40 million a year, you think the fans are gonna be happy about that? Absolutely not. He’s in a lose-lose situation. He needs – not to walk – but to sprint as fast as your legs will take you, and get the hell out of there and go somewhere where you’re appreciated, whether you do poorly or you do great things.”

Canseco has some first-hand experience with the Bleacher Creatures and played in 37 games down the stretch of the 2000 campaign for the Yankees. He played in the American League for all 17 seasons of his MLB career, including two with the Boston Red Sox, two with Tampa Bay and one more with the Toronto Blue Jays, so he knows the AL East well.

Canseco went all out when denouncing Yankees fans.

“They are morally damaged, psychologically damaged, disgusting people,” Canseco said. “One hundred percent. They know they are. That’s the funny part about it, is they don’t care. They know exactly what they are and they keep doing it, no matter what. Looks what they’ve done to Aaron Judge. You have to be psychologically braindead, damaged, traumatized in some, way shape or form to be booing this man.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Colin Boyle/USA TODAY NETWORK