Brian Cashman claps back at Astros owner: 'It's a deflection…I applaud him for trying'


Before the 2022 season started, Brian Cashman said the Astros’ “illegal and horrific” sign-stealing measures should be taken into account when criticizing the Yankees’ World Series drought.

Earlier this week, Houston owner Jim Crane fired back, citing the now-unsealed Yankee letter that showed the Yanks were fined $100,000 for illegal use of the replay room and dugout phone. And on Thursday, the Yankees GM again had words for the Astros franchise, and Crane.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to dance to the tune he’s singing,” Cashman said, via Brendan Kuty of “I’d say it’s called deflection, him trying to equate probably an equivalent of a parking ticket to a maybe 162 felonies. I don’t think anybody’s going to buy into that stuff.

“As you recall, they lost multiple years of first-round draft picks. They were fined millions of dollars and decided to fire their manager and general manager because of their actions.”

Cashman clearly holds a great sense of disdain for the Astros, who eliminated the Yankees in the 2017 and 2019 ALCS, before their trash-banging scheme came to light prior to the 2020 season. We’ll see if Crane has another response, but Cashman wasn’t shy in firing back quickly after Crane’s remarks to USA Today.

“It’s a deflection. No one’s buying it,” Cashman said. “No one’s signing to that dance tune. It is what it is. But I applaud him for trying.”

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