Eric Mac Lain Breaks Down the Revised ACC Football Schedule for 2020


The former Clemson offensive lineman turned College Football Analyst for the ACC Network joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse as the first thing they discussed was Notre Dame being allowed to play for an ACC Championship.

"I love it and am totally okay with it. I also see it hopefully being it enticing enough that Notre Dame sees the value of being in the ACC to where this relationship can be a long-term one because it would be a shame for all of this to happen only for them to go back to being an independent next year."

Eric also gave his thoughts on who the biggest winners and losers were in the ACC with the revised schedule and Eric said the main winners were NC State because they don't have to play Clemson or Louisville this year, while a big loser for Eric was the Virginia Cavaliers with the combination of a tough schedule and a rebuilding year for the Wahoos.

Kyle asked Eric before the end of the interview if he thinks Caleb Farley's decision to opt-out of playing this year will impact others.

"I think it makes sense especially when you are considered the top corner to not risk it in this uncertain climate, and sadly as a college football enthusiast I'm afraid we will see more."