Will Healy Discusses The Questions Around College Football Before the Scheduled Start


The head coach of the Charlotte 49ers Football program joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse as Kyle first asked Will of the #WeAreUnited movement inside the PAC-12.

"I have not had a chance to read through the entire thing, but I do know it is extremely important for us as coaches to have an open line of communication with our players to make sure they are really heard and not heard during this time."

Will also said that he doesn't see the players wanting 50% of the revenue happening at all, but the piece of health insurance is a good idea and should happen.

Kyle wanted to know the latest on the scheduled game between the 49ers and Duke this year and Will responded: "As of right now the Duke game is still on track, but when they say you have to play a team in-state schools can go around it by playing somebody from outside the state, it just has to be in the school's home stadium."

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 season, coach Healy is still very excited about what lies ahead for the 49ers.

"I feel really good about the leadership of the group coming back and the mindset our players are in."

Will also states 2 big factors for this year is the talent level and depth has increased along with a QB who the run the offense very well.