Tom Fornelli Gives His Outlook for the 2020 College Football Season


The College Football Writer for CBS Sports and host of the Cover 3 Podcast joined Josh Parcell today on Wilson & Parcell.

He started the interview saying he thinks the chances of college football happening this fall are "60-40 in favor of having a delayed start to the college football, but I'm not sure I agree with Mark Emmert's statement that they could play spring football because things with the coronavirus could get worse after a lull and we haven't even had a lull yet with the pandemic."

When asked about the possibility of college football playing in a bubble Tom quickly put that idea down stating, "The bubble scenario is fun in theory, but it would erase any kind of ability to pretend that College Football is anything else than what it already is which is big business." 

Tom pointed out that despite some leagues having a bubble, FBS schools go up to 128 compared to the NBA's 22, which would make the bubble format virtually impossible.

Josh also wanted Tom to weigh in on the possibility of Notre Dame playing for an ACC title.

"If it's gonna happen this would be the season for it, and this will go down as a footnote."

Tom says it is a little silly but they should get a chance to play for it given the circumstance.