Barrett Sallee Reacts to Justin Field's Attempt to Have the Big 10 Play Football in the Fall


The College Football writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as they discussed the latest news in College Football from Justin Fields starting a petition, to the concerns of an outbreak happening on multiple college campuses.

Barrett was first asked about the petition that Ohio State QB Justin Fields started for the Big 10 to reinstate the decision to play football in 2020 and Barrett told Kyle that it's problematic that Commissioner Kevin Warren misread the room and is getting it from all sides in terms of his decision to postpone the season. Despite that however Barrett thinks the fact that the Big 10 could redirect their decision, this quandary could have a lasting impact for the conference in a multitude of ways.

Kyle also wanted Barrett to give his thoughts on the clusters going on at campuses like in Chapel hill and if it could delay or even cancel the college football season for next month and Barrett replied:

"It's concerning and makes it less likely, but I disagree that it won't be possible. The players have essentially been a bubble and they will most likely continue to stay there. I'm not one of these people that thinks that stuff like this will cancel the season because that's just not it."