Bridgewater, Rhule give update


With each passing day, it’s looking more and more likely that Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater won’t play Sunday against Detroit.

Bridgewater hurt his knee while being sacked last Sunday against Tampa. Reports are it’s an MCL sprain.

“He’s extremely limited right now. He’s moving around well in terms of jogging but hasn’t really opened up yet,” head coach Matt Rhule said. “I don’t know what he’ll do until his does that and we’re trying to be smart on when to do that.”

For his part, Bridgetwater gave the cliché’, “Taking it day-by-day,” when asked how he feels.

But he did offer some insight on what he thought immediately after he went down and had to leave the game early.

“Being that I went through what I went through with my left knee, I knew that the feeling that I was feeling and that it wasn’t the same, so I didn’t have too many concerns,” he said. “I’m very happy that it wasn’t as serious.”

Rhule said Bridgewater is preparing as though he’s going to play, but Rhule said he wants to see out of his quarterback physically before he allows him to go onto the field against the Lions.

“I think the biggest thing for me is just how functional his movement is in the pocket,” Rhule said. “Teddy’s greatest gift in terms of playing quarterback is his pocket movement and awareness and the ability to hang in there. For him to play for us, he has to have that. In terms of dropping back and throwing and all those things, he looks good, but can he do those things? …

“I’m not going to put him out there if he’s going to hurt himself, but if he can play, he’s going to play.”