Can the Panthers stop the losing streak against the Lions?


Josh Sims of Fox 46 Charlotte joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse to discuss the Hornets draft, and if the Panthers can break the streak against the Lions.

Josh started by discussing who will most likely be on the board by 3 as Josh said that it will be some combination of Ball, Wiseman, and Edwards as he feels like it is very likely that one of those will be a Hornet by Friday morning.

Josh also reacted to a question from Kyle of the scenario for the Hornets to trade back as he is against it because he says how many times do you have the opportunity to get a top 3 player, especially with the hit rate shrinking the further back you go in the draft.

Josh then discussed the Panthers as they now find themselves at 3-7 and if they can beat the visiting Lions this Sunday as Josh told Kyle if Teddy's out there on Sunday it could be a rallying cry for the team and give them a boost to the point where they win.