Tiki Barber: I would definitely play Christian McCaffrey tomorrow


Former ProBowl RB Tiki Barber as well as Co-Host of Tiki & Tierney on CBS Sports Radio joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to discuss the options Trevor Lawrence can weigh this offseason, and if the Panthers should play tomorrow against the Falcons.

The interview started with Tiki reacting to the advice that Tim Tebow gave Trevor Lawrence on possibly staying another year at Clemson to avoid the Jets as Tiki told Kyle that Trevor's production has exceeded the hype and Trevor could easily stay in school and have the leverage to avoid playing for the Jets, but the Jets could easily be picking number 1 next year.

Kyle then asked Tiki his thoughts on the Panthers through 6 weeks as Tiki has been throughly impressed with the Panthers under Matt Rhule, and thinks that Teddy Bridgewater doesn't get the credit that they deserve.

Tiki also weighed in on if Christian McCaffrey should be let loose and play tomorrow for the first time since week 2 and Tiki said:

"I would give him a shot, but I would limit his touches in-between the tackle. You can use him not as a decoy, but with him being on the field alone can make a defensive coordinator think which gives the offense an advantage. So I would definitely play him, but I would be concerned with how many touches he gets."