Josh Sims Discusses the Latest With the Panthers & How Different Football is at an Empty Stadium


The Sports Anchor and Reporter for Fox 46 in Charlotte joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss Michael Jordan becoming a NASCAR owner and the latest with the Panthers after an 0-2 start.

The first thing Josh discussed was the announcement of Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan starting a team with Bubba Wallace as a driver as Josh said he thinks it's a win for everyone involved, but now the question surrounding the team is if they can get the good equipment to help Bubba be successful from the jump.

Kyle then shifted the conversation to the Panthers as he asked Josh what is the calculus for the team with Christian McCaffrey and Josh told Kyle:

"You don't just replace Christian McCaffrey. They say they are not going to change the offense drastically but they probably will as guys like Mike Davis, Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, and Teddy Bridgewater need to step up to fill the void that will be lost."

The last thing that Kyle wanted to know from Josh was how different an NFL game is with no fans compared to 70,000 as Josh described it a lot like your at a company event, and you can't even hear the sound noise.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Grant Halverson Getty Images Sport