Marty Hurney: We are still in the building phase on defense


The GM of the Carolina Panthers Marty Hurney joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to recap the last two games between the Saints and Falcons, and Marty discusses if they are possibly looking at making a move at the deadline.

Kyle started the conversation by asking what has been a problem for the Panthers defense on struggling to get off the field as Marty told Kyle that this team is still in the building phase on defense and injuries have played a factor on the Panthers roster the last few weeks especially but notes that for the young guys stepping up, playing time is essential for learning.

Marty was then asked about Tuesday's trade deadline and if the Panthers could possibly make a move as he told Kyle:

"I don't like to say that something's going to happen or not going to happen because you don't know and things can change quickly. Right now we're at the point of calling around surveying the landscape seeing what teams are willing to do and not willing to do "

Marty also pointed out to Kyle that another challenge in this trade deadline is the perceived drop in salary cap for the 2021 season as it makes trades more of a challenge for teams across the league.