If Bridgwater can't play Sunday the Panthers need to see what they have in Will Grier


WCNC Sport Director joined the show and reacted to the Panthers loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday.

He gave his one-word recap for the Panthers loss.

“Reality, the Panthers got a big dose of it yesterday…it took 10 weeks for this team to get beat like they did Sunday… I think that game showed where the Panthers are with team in development…”

He was also asked who stood out on Sunday.

“Brian Burns... really showed what he can do in the run game and he has been consistently good… I hope the rest of the franchise can catch-up to where he is and where he is going…”

He was asked who he wants at QB next Sunday if Teddy Bridgewater can’t play.

“Will Grier… He started last year when the team was bad but had a good training camp this season… I want to see what he can do and I think the Panthers need to test him out…”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeremy Brevard