Nick Carboni Thinks CMC’s Injury Will Impact The Entire Offense


WCNC Sports Director Nick Carboni joined Wilson & Parcell to give his thoughts on the Panthers week 2 loss.

He reacted to Christian McCaffrey’s injury and how it will impact the team.

“I think it will impact the entire offense…Joe Brady is going to have to get use to running an offense without having CMC which can be a tough task…”

He then gave his one word to describe the Panthers performance yesterday.

“Slop… Not sloppy just slop… It just was not good football and that’s my take away…”

He also was asked about Cam Newton’s performance last night.

“Yeah I think that made yesterday’s Panthers loss worse because Cam had a great performance last night… I think the Patriots are certainly a playoff team…”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Kim Klement