John Calipari: I wish I’d made it harder for Malik at Kentucky


The Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball Team John Calipari joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse to discuss what the Hornets are getting in Nick Richards, and the progression that he has seen in his other players in Charlotte from Malik Monk and P.J. Washington.

John first discussed what the Hornets are getting with big man Nick Richards as he said he was surprised to see him still on the board at 42, and he said that he has a good jumper and fits the current game very well and is also still new to the game.

John also discussed what he has seen in 2 of his former players in PJ Washington and Malik Monk as they both are Charlotte Hornets as John told Kyle that with PJ he developed professional habits during his time at Kentucky and learned how to fight while not shooting the ball which made him ready to play basketball at the highest level.

When it came to Malik Monk John told Kyle:

"He's the one guy I had here that I could tell you that the game was easy for him. I wish I would have done to make it harder for him, and for him, I think he thought all of this was going to be easy and he wasn't going to have to have the best work effort and you can't. I have to give credit to Mitch, Mitch looks at Malik and says he is talented, he just needs to get his stuff together. So now I think you will see Malik possibly be that comeback player this year."