Mark Giannotto: I don't see a scenario where James Wiseman is a bust


Mark Giannatto, who covers Memphis for the Memphis News as a columnist and is the co-host of Giannotto & Jeffrey on ESPN 92.9FM in Memphis joined the show to discuss the possibility of James Wiseman becoming a Hornet.

Mark started the interview by discussing the lack of tape that we have on Wiseman, but notes that he has extreme talent from what we have seen and has a better offensive game than what most people think.

Mark also told us that if there was an apt comparison to use for Wiseman it would probably have to be former Raptors and Heat big man Chris Bosh as Mark sees James being able to knock down 3's in the NBA and his athleticism is amazing for his size.

When it came to the rumors of the Hornets moving up to draft Wiseman, he doesn't think that would be the smartest thing to do, but if he is available at 3 then the Hornets should take him.