Mitch Kupchak: LaMelo Ball has a chance to be a heck of a player


The President of Basketball Operations and GM of the Charlotte Hornets Mitch Kupchak joined Kyle Bailey & Matt Doherty today on The Clubhouse to recap the 4 players they acquired in yesterday's NBA Draft, and where they could possibly go in free agency.

Mitch started the interview by saying they considered other players in the process as they didn't know who they would get from the top 3 players until late yesterday afternoon.

Mitch then told Kyle they were very happy to draft LaMelo with the 3rd pick as he thinks with a little of seasoning and work and putting the time in he has a chance to be a heck of a player.

Matt then asked Mitch about the critiques that have come LaMelo's way about his shot mechanics being a concern as Mitch replied:

"Yes, that was a concern. Last week in Los Angeles he had a workout where we went along with Golden State and Detroit as it was a 1-on-1 workout. For me, the one thing I wanted to see him do was to shoot the ball. I needed to be convinced at a minimum that he can make open shots, and he can make open shots. He shot the ball for an hour and it's not the prettiest thing as his left elbow is out a little bit, but when the ball leaves his hands it leaves as it should and he has great rotation while shooting the ball the same every time."

Mitch also described his other picks in the draft as he said that Duke star Vernon Carey is a big man who can shoot and has a great feel for the game and can be a young developing big. When it came to Kentucky big man Nick Richards Mitch gushed over his athleticism saying he runs the floor like a deer, and Mitch described Charleston Guard Grant Riller as a guy they were surprised to still have on the board at pick #56.