Rick Bonnell Discusses if Marvin Williams Could Return to the Hornets Organization in Some Capacity


The Charlotte Hornets Beat Reporter for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he discussed some of the latest Hornets news from the Draft inevitably being moved back to the retirement of longtime Hornet, Marvin Williams.

The first thing that Rick talked about is the circling rumor going around about the NCAA Tournament having 300+ teams in it as Rick called it both a terrible and dumb idea before Kyle could even try to persuade him.

Kyle then switched back to the Hornets and the news of longtime Hornet Marvin Williams retiring after 15 years as Rick called the former Tar Heel the epitome of a teammate who helped so many others as the young Hornets would always speak glowingly about him. Rick also told Kyle that Marvin told him when they were in France back in January that his dream is to someday run Basketball Without Borders.

Despite Marvin wanting to have a role in the future of basketball, Rick told Kyle the possibility of him joining the Hornets again in the front office or in coaching doesn't seem likely at this point because Marvin told Rick that he has zero interest of coaching, and even though he could gain interest to be a scout or a role in the front office, Rick thinks he wants to spend time with his kids.

Kyle then asked what is imperative for the Hornets to accomplish when they return to practice for two weeks in the end of September and Rick stated:

"They have had no opportunity outside of one-on-one workouts to do anything with these young players to see where their at and to refine the skills of their game. James Borrego is going to walk in with a plan because he realizes the stuff you usually do in 2 to 3 months you are going to cram in within 2 weeks. The downside could come into participation because there are legitimate reasons for players not to participate with these practices, but because of the Hornets youth that shouldn't be much of a problem."