Rick Bonnell discusses the latest happenings for the Hornets inside the bubble


The Hornets Beat Reporter covering the team for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse as he discussed the latest activities for the Hornets inside the bubble and more.

Kyle's first question to Rick was how Malik is doing after his suspension and Rick told Kyle:

"Actions are more consequential than words, but I thought it said something that he was so accountable when he spoke to the media. He owned the suspension and he sounds like a grown up now which is a lot of what I gathered when I sat down with him in Minneapolis back in February. At the end of the day he is the most talented player on the team, and for that reason the Hornets need to work with this and see where this goes."

Rick also responded to questions that LaMelo Ball received during the combine and Rick said that fans shouldn't take too much from these press conferences, but at the same time Rick found it weird that he doesn't think he needs changes to his shot.

Before the end of the conversation, Rick was asked his prediction of the NBA Finals as Rick picks the Lakers to win, but not with the most conviction because of the coaching job done by Erik Spoelstra to get the Heat back into the Finals.