Rick Bonnell Gives us an Early Viewing of the Charlotte Hornets Free Agency Primer


The longtime Beat Reporter covering the Charlotte Hornets for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the latest on the NBA Playoffs, and the free agency outlook for the Hornets this offseason.

Rick first discussed with Kyle the ongoing NBA Playoffs as Rick says the Clippers are the best team in the NBA, but they have made a major mistake in not closing the door on the Nuggets, and on the Eastern Conference side of the bracket as he is amazed with what Erik Spoelstra has been able to do with the Heat and he doesn't get enough credit as he deserves because of Pat Riley.

Kyle then shifted the conversation to the Hornets and if the Hornets could be a big player in free agency and Rick said people needs to tap their brakes on this idea because it took so long for the Hornets to get out of the cap jail that they have been in for nearly 5 years, and that would probably put them back in the same hole.

Kyle then asked Rick if it would make sense for the Hornets to do an extension with Devonte Graham this offseason as Rick responded if some type of deal does get done, it could be similar to Kemba's second deal that was made in 2014.

The final thing Kyle asked Rick regarding free agency is if the Hornets could possibly keep any of the upcoming free agents this offseason who would it be as Rick responded:

"Unless other teams are bidding up his salary, I think bringing back Biz (Bismack Biyombo) is a very valuable thing. When Marv and Kemba left Biz took over as the veteran leader, and if it wouldn't cost a lot of money I could see a real value to keeping him with a very young team."