Vernon Carey Jr: My lifelong dream has come true


The former Duke big man turned Charlotte Hornet Vernon Carey Jr. joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse to discuss being drafted by the Hornets, and why he has trimmed down for the next level.

Vernon started the interview by telling Kyle how last night was a dream come true for him, and he is also excited for the fact that he is not far away from Duke as well.

Kyle then asked Vernon about his big body transformation of losing over 30lbs during the pre-draft process as Vernon told Kyle that once the college basketball season ended he and his parents hired a chef as well helped a lot in losing the weight, and he lost the weight to help with his mobility on both sides.

When asked about playing alongside draft pick LaMelo Ball Vernon said he is excited to play with the 3rd overall pick as Vernon said he seems like an easy teammate to play off of with his IQ and his intangibles.