Chip Patterson Explains Why the Pac-12 Hasn't Received the Same Criticism that the Big 10 Has


The CBS College Football and PGA Tour Golf writer joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to recap the Wyndham Championship, and the latest cluster of news in College Football.

When it came to the uprising of sorts throughout the Big 10 over the past week, and why the same level of criticism hasn't been had for the Pac-12 Chip responded:

"Transparency. The fact is that the Pac-12 released the full document that was given by their medical advisors to not proceed with fall sports, and the university presidents have spoken to the media and stood in unison with the decision. In the Big 10 we have not received as much information from their medical advisory board, and school presidents. The lack of transparency has lead to a real backlash from Big 10 players, fans, parents, and I think that is one of the big reasons why the Pac-12 has not been criticized as much as the Big 10."

Chip also recapped last week's Wyndham Championship this past weekend in Greensboro from some of the local guys like Harold Varner continuing to inch closer to his first PGA Tour win, and the struggles star of Brooks Koepka not making the cut.