Chip Patterson Tells us if the Big 10's Reputation Will be Hurt From Their Decision to Play in the Spring


The College Football Writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the latest within the crazy world of College Football.

The first thing the two got into was if the 3 Power 5 schools are really sticking it out and Chip said the conferences will get the season started across the board, but once they get past September is when things become unpredictable with the virus and how people will respond to it.

Kyle then asked Chip if he agrees that the narrative of the Big 10 will be hurt for years to come due to the season being postponed till the spring and Chip stated to Kyle:

"I do think that the idea that their football reputation will be harmed in very serious and long-lasting ways is misguided. The reason the Big 10 continues to be one of the most successful power 5 conferences in terms of revenue is because of these huge alumni bases that pack into these massive stadiums. There is just a very simple numbers game where these massive institutions that makeup so much of the Big 10 give them a built-in advantage when it comes to TV deals, ticket sales, and general reach and power in that college football landscape. As long as they have those massive institutions they will always have an advantage over so many of the other conferences across college football."

Chip also thinks when it comes to the Big 10 will actually find some success with spring football given their talent pool, especially when people were watching at this point the year before.