Is the ACC better at football this year compared to the SEC? Corey Miller responds


The former Linebacker for the South Carolina Gamecocks, New York Giants, and Minnesota Vikings turned Pastor of Pain joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to recap the latest in college football and with the Panthers.

The first thing that Kyle asked Corey was if he was impressed by the Gamecocks beating a ranked Auburn team last week as Corey said he actually came away impressed with the win as he saw the Gamecocks dominate the trenches on both sides, as Corey said that guys like Shi Smith and Jaycee Horn showed on a national stage how good they are, and Corey says that the Gamecocks need to take care of business against the LSU Tigers.

Kyle also wanted to know from Corey if he thinks there is any merit to the notion that the ACC is better than the SEC so far in the college football season as Corey quickly shunned Kyle for asking that questions saying:

"In the SEC this is an every year thing, all conference games in the SEC these guys beat each other up that is just the way it is in the conference. So go ahead and take your victory lap ACC. By the way, what happened to Carolina? Did Notre Dame just win a baseball game against Louisville? Listen, this is like a make-believe season anyway this is a year the ACC will pound their chest before any of the teams in the Big 10 and Pac 12 even play a game."

Corey also came out with a take that is sure to raise some eyebrows as he thinks that Mac Jones is playing better football than Trevor Lawrence this year as his reasoning is because Mac has actually played challenging teams compared to Trevor Lawrence.