Eric Mac Lain Previews the First Week of Play for the ACC


The former Standout Offensive Lineman at Clemson turned Football Analyst for the ACC Network joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he previewed the first week of play for the ACC in College Football.

Eric first reacted on the offseason as he tried to be as optimistic as he could throughout the process, but did get worried with the Big 10 and Pac 12 packing up shop to the spring, but is so excited to finally see ACC football back this weekend.

Eric then weighed in on some of the teams in the ACC as Kyle wanted to gauge his thoughts on the Tar Heels and if they are possibly getting too much hype too quickly as Eric replied:

"I will pump the brakes on competing with Clemson for an ACC title, but otherwise I'm full speed ahead on the Heels. I love this UNC team because they have so much talent coming back on offense which will help them so much in a year like this with so little practice. They also have possibly the best trio at WR in the country along with 2 horses at RB."

Eric also weighed in on another team that is getting high praise in Louisville as Eric thinks they will be a good team, but has some concerns on defense as Eric told Kyle that they need to look like they did in the bowl game to take their team to the next level.

Before the end of the interview, Kyle asked Eric about the Duke Blue Devils as Eric said there is solid potential with them after Chase Brice transferred from Clemson, but the concern with Duke is the lack of talent at the skill position. On the other side of the ball Eric pointed out that the Blue Devils do have 2 hybrid ends that can also reek havoc in the backfield to help the defense.