Michael Felder Reacts to the Backlash That Kevin Warren Has Received Throughout the Big 10


The College Football Analyst for Stadium TV joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss everything going on in the College Football landscape.

Michael first told Kyle that the conference that has done the best over the past few weeks was the Pac 12 as Michael said the Pac 12 showed their work to everyone while every other conference hasn't told us everything.

Michael also told Kyle how much heat the people in the Big 10 area have given towards new commissioner Kevin Warren and Michael stated:

"A ton and his son plays at Mississippi State. So it's not OK for your guys to play, but it's OK for your son to play? How?! Why?! What?! At the end of the day, he's under fire for not being transparent and the reality is for a lot of players at a school like Ohio State has top guys who will not play in the spring. Now they're realizing that the thing that draws people in will not be there, and you have a team that can win a national championship."

If the College Football season does get started one match up that Michael is intrigued in seeing on the ACC side is NC State vs. Virginia Tech because I want to see what Donovan Knight can do against a guy like Dax Hollifield, but I'm also wanting to see what both of these coaches like Doeren and Fuente stand coming off of uncertainty with their future at there respective programs.