Michael Felder Tells Kyle His Biggest Concern for the Tar Heels Heading Into the 2020 Season


The College Football Analyst for Stadium TV joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to discuss the latest in College Football from transfers out of the Pac-12, the future of some Bowl games, to the AP Top 25 ranking.

The first thing Michael discussed with Kyle was the NBA players boycotting yesterday's games as Michael looks to see what the response will be from this and things have to go up to the ownership level and to the fans to realize what they are trying to point out.

Michael then weighed in on the optimism that many people have for college football to go on without a hitch as Michael calls it "remarkable optimism" which isn't a good thing and he thinks it shouldn't be up to the coaches and AD's to make decisions when it comes to a virus.

Kyle also asked Michael what the future for Bowl Games will be this year and Michael told Kyle that not enough teams are available to have every bowl game played, and he thinks some of the smaller events will just take a 1 year sabbatical as the bigger ones like the Rose Bowl will still play if the season makes it that far.

Before the end of the chat, Kyle asked about the initial AP poll and North Carolina's ranking in the poll and Michael replied:

"Being in the top 20 for UNC makes a little sense. I think the biggest issue for UNC is can they get to the QB, and specifically get to the QB without the blitz and finding a pass-rusher. If they don't find it we could be looking at every game being some sort of shootout for the Heels."