The Gamecocks need to be more patient with their next Head Coach


The Pastor of Pain Corey Miller joined Kyle Bailey on The Clubhouse as he reacted to the Gamecocks firing Will Muschamp over the weekend, and Corey reacted to the Panthers loss to the Bucs.

Corey started the interview by reacting to his alma mater South Carolina letting go of Will Muschamp as he ranted on the decision saying that people forget that this program has been a mediocre program for years and that Steve Spurrier gave the Gamecocks faithful a false sense of hope of what the program actually is.

Corey would also go on to say that Muschamp inherited a tough situation when he got to Columbia, and if the Gamecocks want to be successful they have to be more patient with the next head coach.

Kyle then asked Corey his thoughts on the Panthers loss as he told Kyle that he is just thrilled how competitive this team is minus the 2nd half against Tampa Bay, and even thinks this Sunday's game against the Lions.