Will Healy: We are still hopeful to play a couple more games this year


The Head Coach of the Charlotte 49ers joined Kyle Bailey on The Clubhouse to discuss another 49ers game getting canceled, and if the college football season as a whole should be called off.

Will started the interview by discussing how his players have continued to do a tremendous job of staying focused despite having their 6th game of the year canceled due to COVID protocols and Will told Kyle that he hopes to have the team play a couple of more games before the season ends.

Will was then asked from Kyle about the growing sentiment from some that the College Football season should be canceled due to the large outbreaks going through campuses across the country as he told Kyle he wants to do the safest way for his players to play and you learn from the mistakes you make along the way.

Will also told Kyle that these last few months that it has become more challenging to create momentum, but he believes that the 49ers can continue to gain the momentum they had after the 2019 season.