Will Muschamp deserves 1 more year at South Carolina


The Pastor of Pain and former NFL Linebacker Corey Miller joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse to discuss the COVID outbreaks that are going through the SEC, and Corey explains why Will Muschamp deserves 1 more year at South Carolina.

Corey started the interview by discussing the COVID outbreaks that are taking place in the SEC as he said this was a major concern of his before the season and that this is what is going to happen no matter what if you are not inside a bubble as everyone has to pay close attention to the outbreaks across the sport if they want to get the season in.

Corey was then asked about the rocky situation with the South Carolina Gamecocks and their future with Will Muschamp as Corey defended Will saying that Steve Spurrier left the Gamecocks in a bad state as Will has been trying to rebuild the program as Corey thinks given the current economic circumstances the Gamecocks need to give Muschamp one more year to see what he can do.

The final topic that Corey discussed was the Panthers loss to Kansas City as Corey said he has been won over by the Panthers for their consistent effort across the season, especially against the defending Super Bowl champs.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman Getty Images Sport