Denny Hamlin explains what led up to him and Michael Jordan starting a NASCAR team


The driver of the number 11 FedEx Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing joined Nick and Josh as he discussed his venture into ownership with Michael Jordan, and Denny tells us what he has to do to make sure he has a shot at the championship.

The first thing that the guys asked Denny was how all of this came together between himself and MJ and Denny told the guys:

"It was a joke that was said in passing at one point and he took it more seriously than I did, which caught me off guard to say the least but we made it happen. We made it happen and quickly went into making sure everything made sense with the financial people, and now here we are."

When asked why Bubba Wallace is the driver to start this race team Denny said that Bubba has been a driver who has out-performed his equipment at RPM with Denny calling back to last year's Brickyard 400 where he finished 3rd. Denny also said that Michael made it clear he wanted Bubba as is driver.

Nick then asked the keys for this weekend's playoff race at Las Vegas as Denny says this place hasn't been the best for him, and this race is even more important because the rest of the round is full of wildcard races that could have major shifts in the race for the Championship.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Chris Graythen Getty Images Sport