Corey Seager put it all together in 2020


Former MLB Outfielder turned MLB Analyst for ESPN Doug Glanville joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to recap the Dodgers winning the World Series, and what next season could entail for baseball.

Doug started the interview by discussing the Dodgers World Series win and Kyle asked about the performance from Cabarrus, North Carolina native Corey Seager winning the World Series MVP award as Doug told Kyle:

"He has a sixth gear to get into focus into the postseason as he showed throughout the past month, and I know he got banged up last year and to his credit he got back healthy and put it all together in 2020."\

Doug then discussed the decision for the Rays to pull Blake Snell when he was playing the game of his life as Kyle wondered if this was another example of managers using analytics too much as Doug acknowledged how important the use of analytics is in baseball, but when he heard the Dodgers players discussing how they could do nothing against Snell as Doug thinks in moments like this you keep Blake in.

Kyle also wanted Doug to weigh in on the fiasco of Justin Turner testing positive for COVID-19 and then celebrating with the team as Doug doesn't know what is going to happen but he thinks the only sure thing is that all of the players will have to quarantine and it puts a dark cloud over the finish of the 2020 season.