Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell Weighs in on the first round of the NBA Playoffs


The 49ers legend and 1981 Finals MVP for the Celtics turned radio analyst for the Celtics joined the show t discuss the happenings of the NBA Playoffs, and his reaction to the Hornets getting the 3rd pick.

The first thing the 2 discussed is the Sixers imploding in the 1st round as Cornbread said he talked to Robert Parish and Joel Embiid's problem is he needs to lose weight, and he thinks we could see the Sixers blow everything up very soon.

Cornbread also reacted to the Hornets getting the 3rd pick and he told Kyle:

"I don't know what player is going to change their fortune, but this year is a critical year because when you pick 3rd you can't get it wrong. This pick has to be one of those picks where you look back 6 or 7 years down the line it comes off as a success."

Kyle asked Cornbread about the Celtics-Raptors series and Cornbread said that he is looking at the health of both Gordon Hayward and Kyle Lowry and if they can be healthy in the series, and that both teams are evenly matched with good coaching and young stars.