Jason Goff Gives His Main Takeaways From the NBA Playoffs So Far Inside the Bubble


The pre and post game show host for the Bulls on NBCSN Chicago and radio host on Sirius XM and ESPN joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss all of the action taking place inside the NBA bubble, and what the Hornets should do with the 3rd pick.

The firs topic that Jason weighed in on the first game between the Bucks and the Heat as he says that Giannis Antetokounmpo didn't want that work against Jimmy Butler last night, and that Giannis is now experiencing the downside to such high expectations that are only put on the MJ's and LeBron's of the NBA world, and if they lose the series to the Heat the noise and questions will only get louder.

Jason then switched things up to the Western Conference Playoffs as he told Kyle that Hornets fans need to watch the Nuggets and Jazz series as he says both places are not free agency destinations yet they have a bunch of talent and develop so many players to help out the talent.

That led to Kyle asking Jason wondering what he thinks the Hornets should do with the 3rd pick and Jason responded:

"Trade the pick for whatever veteran you can get. When you have a draft where 3 or 4 guys could be the number 1 pick, that means none of those guys would be the first pick in a draft that was strong. If you're a Hornets fan and you're looking at the Obi Toppin's and James Wiseman's of the world you have to know that there are some major flaws in their games, and at some point, you have to turn around and stop getting young."