Marvin Williams Reflects On His NBA Career


Former Hornet Marvin Williams joined Wilson & Parcell to discuss his retirement and to reflect on his years as a Hornet.

He was asked what his biggest factor going into making the decision to retire.

“I honestly feel like my life is just different and things off the court are more important than on the court in my life”

He also responded to what's next and if he might want to coach in the NBA?

“I do love the game and I might stay involved with the NBA but I have no desire to coach…”

Going back to when he was the Hornets, he touched on whether it was difficult taking a lesser role with the Hornets before he left.

“It wasn’t difficult for me at all and Coach JB communicated to me very well what my role was going to be… PJ is a hell of a player and deserves to start as well as Mile Bridges and I was happy to accept that role to watch those guys grow… those kids are the future of the Charlotte Hornets and as a fan you should excited for them”