Jay Bilas: I think we'd be lucky to get a 68-team NCAA Tournament


The former Basketball standout at Duke turned College Basketball Analyst for ESPN Jay Bilas joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss his outlook for the College Basketball season and a preview of next month's NBA Draft.

Jay started the conversation by discussing the cancellation of the tournament events that were supposed to take place in the Orlando Bubble as Jay said it probably came down to difference in protocols and no matter what happens the non-conference schedule will not look normal, and Jay thinks conference play might be made more regional play in conferences this year.

When it came to the outlook of March Madness and the NCAA Tournament this year, Jay was blunt with Kyle and told him:

"I think we'd be lucky to get lucky to get a 68 team Tournament. I think it would be smaller. I know Coach K was the one who floated the idea of letting everything in and it was a nice sentiment, but it's unworkable."

Jay also gave us a preview of next month's NBA Draft as the Hornets have the 3rd pick as all of the top names in the draft should be in the mix for the Hornets, and Jay this is a draft that is deep of really good players, but just no player that is a can't miss prospect.