Darin Gantt discusses the COVID problems the NFL is now dealing with


The NFL Reporter for Pro Football Talk joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he discussed the first big COVID problems that the NFL is dealing with, and his overall thoughts on the Panthers after 4 games.

The first thing that Darin discussed was the recent outbreak of COVID between the Titans and Patriots as he said that part of the problem with the NFL is that this league is a day-to-day league, but that the incubation periods with COVID are not something that are day-to-day and the NFL is not being played inside a bubble like the NBA so something like this was going to be inevitable.

Kyle then asked Darin if he thinks that a couple of games could be cancelled or postponed this week as he said:

"I mean anything is possible because this changes with every positive test. I believe that the NFL is trying to sow the seeds that fair is not necessarily going to be part of the lexicon this year. You might run into a situation where a team doesn't play all 16 games and you're playoff tiebreakers might be based off of winning percentage rather than head-to-head matchups."

Kyle also wanted to get Darin's thoughts on the Panthers 2-2 start as Darin said that they are competent playing on offense and that they have some defensive players that could be apart of the future which he thinks is good because he thinks this year is all about figuring out what you have on your team.