Ryan McGee explains the historical significance of Michael Jordan owning a NASCAR team


The College Football and NASCAR writer for ESPN joined Wilson & Parcell to discuss the significance of Michael Jordan starting a NASCAR team.

The first thing Ryan discussed was the challenges that this new team face as the team needs to find a GM, shop, and cars before the Daytona 500 in February, and Ryan also says that Denny Hamlin needs to keep MJ in the know with everything going on.

Nick then asked what the Jordan Brand can do to the sport of NASCAR and Ryan replied:

"The sport is at a critical time at the same time as America is at a critical time with race relations. Who better to cross over all lines of bigotry than Michael Jordan to stand beside Bubba Wallace at Daytona to let everyone know everything is fine and it's ok to step into the future."

Ryan also told the guys none of this happens without the ban of the confederate flag earlier this year, and Ryan also mentions that former NBA star and Carolina teammate of MJ at UNC Brad Daugherty has been the unsung hero throughout this whole process.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa Getty Images Sport