Josh Allen back at it with teammates at OTAs

Allen is still thinking about the Jefferson Avenue mass shooting that took place more than a week ago

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WGR 550) – Even though it was only OTAs, it seemed like Josh Allen was happy to be back on the field with his teammates.

Only Ike Boettger and Rodger Saffold weren’t there from the offense for the optional workout. Dawson Knox and Spencer Brown are both injured.

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Allen led his teammates down to Jefferson Avenue last week, where they went to honor the victims of the mass shooting, and then help residents of the community. It has all left quite an impression on Allen.

“I think our team and our organization had the community and heart in mind," said Allen during a press conference following Tuesday's session. "I was proud of our turnout, and guys like Stefon Diggs, who really hadn’t been here, [flew] in for that day, and [flew] out because it meant that much to him. In terms of guys showing up and doing what was right, it was very good to see. But it’s not one thing that we’re going to do and forget. We’ve got to continue to bring them up and keep them in our thoughts and prayers, and understand that it’s going to take time to get through.”

With Ken Dorsey now the new offensive coordinator, there are things for Allen that won’t be the same as what Brian Daboll did.

"It’s been different. The last three years I’ve had him in the meeting rooms every day (as the quarterbacks coach), and it’s going to take time," Allen said. "I wanted to hear him talking to me in the headset just to hear his voice, because that’s going to be an adjustment. But in terms of what he’s doing, and how he’s communicating with the guys and getting on guys and lighting some fires, it's been good to see.”

Allen is one of the best players in the National Football League, but he hasn’t become full of himself. You can see he’s just one of the guys.

“I think if you talk to anybody on the team, they’ll tell you I just try to be myself. I don’t try to change who I am, no matter who's around me. I like joking, I like having fun, but when the pads get on, I mean business. And when guys see that from their quarterback, it carries over.”

Allen has always been at ease when speaking with the media. He’s insightful and respectful, which he attributes to his upbringing growing up in California.

“My dad used to interview me on the way to preschool every day, and he would ask questions like he was interviewing us on the side of a field for a postgame interview," Allen said. "I had a lot of practice with that growing up, and just had a lot of good people in my life that have shown me the ropes on how to be yourself and true to you.”

Coming up next Wednesday, June 1, Allen is taking part in the sixth installment of “The Match”. It’s a golf event where he and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be paired up against Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers signal caller Aaron Rodgers. Allen, of course, has a little bit of the yips.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous," he admitted. "I don’t know if I’ll be the best golfer there, but I’ll be the best trash talker, I guarantee that.

“There’s some things I’ll have to tone down and try not to cross the line with two of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, but I’ve got to get in their heads somehow. We’ll see what we can do.”

Being nervous for this golf event is a lot different than the nerves Allen feels before a football game.

“It’s a whole different thing," Allen said. "I’ve played in a couple of these tournaments, and there’s people, and you get up and you’re shaking uncontrollably. You’ve got to figure it out, and you usually start swinging a little faster when there’s people involved. That’s when the slices come, but hopefully my experience can help.”

Allen and Mahomes have become rivals over the past few years. Now, they’ll be teammates for this event.

“I don’t think it’s going to be weird at all," Allen believes. "We get along extremely well outside of football. We’ve got a lot of respect for each other inside of football and on the field. But I think me and Pat will have a better rapport than those other two guys that have been fighting and clawing against each other for the last 18 years, where me and Pat are just starting to go at it.

“I think the relationship is in a better spot than theirs is. We’ll be happy to see each other's putts go in, where I don’t think the other guys are going to be happy when the other guy makes a putt, because they’re going to be the one that wants to make it. It’ll be very fun.”

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Others not practicing on Day 2 of OTAs were newcomer Daquan Jones, Micah Hyde and Tim Harris.

Jordan Poyer, who is rumored to want a new contract, was also not there.

“We certainly miss having him here," said Bills head coach Sean McDermott. "We got a glimpse of him at the softball game the other day, and had a chance to have a good conversation with him there. But it’s just business is business, and we’re focused on the guys that are here.”

As far as the health status of Tre White goes and his rehab, McDermott said, "He's on schedule."

Photo credit Losi and Gangi