Kelce brothers’ youth coach dishes on Travis and Jason’s hockey careers


There are a lot of great storylines surrounding Super Bowl LVII – or as some are calling it, the Kelce Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will be playing for both the Lombardi Trophy and family bragging rights on Sunday.

The Kelce brothers have always been very athletic and played multiple sports while growing up, including hockey.

Steve Bogas, the Kelce brothers’ youth hockey coach, was a guest on the Audacy Original Podcast “It’s Always Gameday in Cleveland” to talk about their work ethic and share some funny stories about both Travis and Jason as hockey players.

As a hockey player Travis was “just like the football player,” Bogas said (1:23 in player above). “Very flamboyant and outgoing… The way he plays football is the way he played hockey.”

Even at a young age, Bogas knew that Travis was special.

“His skillset, his athletic ability,” he said. “Yeah, I could see him doing great things, and he did – or is doing!”

Travis hung up his skates in eighth grade after he was thrown out of his final game.

“I can’t remember what happened but I know they told him he needs to leave,” Bogas said.

While that ended Travis’ hockey career, Jason played through high school.

Bogas described Jason as a “hard-nosed” hockey player that was “stronger than a mule.” He was a good hockey player, Bogas said, “smart, strong. Just like how he plays center.”

Jason was so strong that he was able to score from the blue line with a defender on his back.

“I didn’t tell Jason this, we were in a tournament, it may have been the last game I coached Jason,” Bogas recalled. “There was a guy literally like hanging on his back and Jason took a slapshot from the blue line and scored. I still don’t know how he did it. A guy was basically trying to tackle Jason, couldn’t pull him down, he scores, and the referee just skated by me going ‘Wow. That might be the strongest 15 year old I’ve ever seen.’”

Hey, maybe the Flyers could use Jason Kelce’s services after the Super Bowl.

Bogas said that Jason was more coachable because Travis would “like to press my buttons. I would just have to skate away from Travis because he’d chirp a little bit and you’d just laugh.”
Travis has taken that chirping from the rink to the gridiron as shown by him calling the mayor of Cincinnati a “jabroni” after the AFC Championship Game.

Jason’s hockey career lasted longer than Travis, but we’ll see which Kelce brother is on the field celebrating after Super Bowl LVII on Sunday.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images