Walk-in voting now underway in Luzerne County

Employees and volunteers of the Franklin County Board of Elections sort through, and de-stub both mail in ballots and provisional ballots on April 28, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio
Photo credit Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

Voting by mail ballot in person or “walk in voting” is now officially underway in Luzerne County. It began yesterday as those using the option lined up at the Penn Place office building where the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections is located. There was a line in the lobby because only 3 voters at a time are allowed into the office on the second floor. Depending on the line it should take an estimated 15 minutes to vote. If you have requested a mail in ballot already you can’t use this option which will be available thru October 27. You can hand in your completed mail-in ballot at the location.