COVID-19 Vaccinations: Pennsylvania Hits 80% With People 18+

 Nurse Mary Catherine Klee injects a COVID-19 vaccine dose into Housekeeper Mecrecco Pogue, 68, at the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center on December 17, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Photo credit Jeff Swensen / Stringer

Harrisburg, PA – On Monday, Governor Tom Wolf announced that 80% of Pennsylvania’s 18+ population have received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Among all 50 states, Pennsylvania ranks 9th for first doses administered and 5th for total doses administered.

“Today’s vaccination milestone is a reminder that Pennsylvanians are committed to the health and safety of themselves and their neighbors. Thank you to every Pennsylvanian who helped make it happen. I couldn’t be prouder,” said Gov. Wolf. “The pandemic has been unpredictable and unsettling throughout the last 18 months, but Pennsylvania has remained steadfast in our vaccination efforts. As COVID-19 variants spread throughout the country, it is vitally important that partially vaccinated individuals receive their second dose and individuals who haven’t been vaccinated get the vaccine today.”

To date, 64.3 percent of the 18 and older population are fully vaccinated.